Finally Got the Sims 3 working again…

18 05 2010

I finally got the sims 3 working again although all of my past saves are corrupted and I have no way to get them back….I think I am just giving up guys….might start a new story soon though…I really liked this one…


New Sims 3 disk still did not work!

1 11 2009

I got the new Sims 3 disk I was waiting on and it still didn’t work! Im going crazy! I have never went this long without playing sims before! I talked to a computer tech. and they said my dvd drive is bad. It will play cd’s but not dvd’s so I will have to send it away to be fixed.  In between that though I have rented a computer so that I can catch up on my chapters and play my game for a little while. They say my computer could take 2-3 weeks to get back to me. But for right now I am just now installing the Sims 3 on this new computer and will start on a new chapter immediatly.

Sims 3 not working…

19 10 2009

It may be a while until I get my next post up. My Sims 3 game is not working in my computer. I have talked to a few tech people from  EA and they are sending me another game but it may not be for about 10 days so it will definitly be about that long before another post. If that doesnt work, I guess I will just have to put my computer in the shop…I don’t know what I’m going to do! I can’t play my sims game! Im gonna go crazy!!

The Fifth chapter is up!!! Finally!

2 10 2009

On My Own… is finally up. If you are wondering I really squeezed in about 4 months time in this one chapter. Sorry I haven’t written in so long. I have been really busy with school. Hopefully another chapter won’t take as long.

There will be a post this week, I promise!!!

28 09 2009

I am working on a new post right now!  It will be done in a couple of days!!!

No Post

15 09 2009

No Post this week unless I find a little bit of time to work on it. I have been really busy with class. I have about 2 papers a night to work on.

A Little Slow

27 08 2009

My posts for my story are going to be a little slow for right now. I am a full time college student with a 19 credit hour load, so I am going to be pretty busy. I am going to try to balance my work and writing my story and hopefully I get a new chapter up soon. They will probably be about a week apart because I will be writing on the weekends.